Carp Fishing & Catfishing at Pleasure Lake France – ideally situated in the beautiful Limousin


Please Note

All baits other than your own bollies must be purchased from us.
We do not allow any other baits to be used on the lake and anybody found breaking this rule will be asked to leave.

Could you please pre-order any baits that you require so that we can have them ready at the lake for when you arrive. We keep all baits in stock so you can order more during the week if required.


Creamy banana 16mm & 18mm
Monster Crab 16mm
Krillers Garlic 20mm
Milky Amino Green Kiwi 20mm
Hot Spicy 20mm
BNB 20mm

1kg 9 euro

Feed Bait Bollies

Mixed sizes in bag - 7 euro per kilo

High protein carp pellets

Sizes 5/10/15mm assorted sizes

5kg 20 euro
10kg 38 euro

Red high protein carp pellets

Size 14mm

5kg 25 euro

Coloured / Flavoured carp pellets
Red Fruits
Size 9mm

5kg 22 euro

Tiger nut pellets

Size 10mm

4.5kg 14 euro

Active molasses pellets

Size 8mm

4.5kg 14 euro

Drilled Halibut Pellets

Size 20mm & 25mm

1kg 8 euro
3kg 20 euro


5kg 12 euro

Tigernuts in jars

8 euro