Carp Fishing & Catfishing at Pleasure Lake France – ideally situated in the beautiful Limousin


Our carp & catfishing lake is your dream if you enjoy wildlife and are looking for peace and quiet during your stay in France.
Photo's really cannot do this lake the justice it deserves, it has to be seen to realise its beauty.


Carp & catfishing lake at Pleasure Lake France

11 acres in size and set in the beautiful French countryside, nestled amongst fields and forest the only thing to keep you awake at night is the wildlife and the slapping of the catfish tails  Drone view of Lake

The birdsong during the  day and the frog chorus in the night is spectacular. As you will see from the map on the next page there are no roads within the vicinity of the lake.

This truly is a place for you to unwind and relax. Privacy, peace and tranquillity interrupted by screaming runs are what to expect when you book this lake for your holiday.

There are plenty of features to fish to on this lake, with overhanging trees on the far bank and the dam wall, and reed beds around the edge.

The depths range from 3ft around the edge to the deepest areas around 12ft. The bottom of the lake is a sandy/gravel bottom with silt areas around the tree lines.                                                                                                                                                                       



The average size carp in the lake is now 35lb+.  This is a very rich lake and we have seen the stock growing at a good rate each year. The stock consists of  mirror carp to 70lb+ along with catfish to  200lb. There are also common carp to over 50lb and grass carp plus a mandarin catfish which makes for an unusual photo.


The fishing at Pleasure Lake France is  perfect, with no Poisson chat  to bother you and no weed.

We know that there are anglers who like to use their own equipment but if you want to turn up and have everything waiting for you then why not hire it all or some from us . (all bivvys are erected for when you arrive.  All tackle ready in the swim).

There are  8 swims on the lake which are along 2 banks, but we only allow 7 anglers including non anglers on the lake.  There are 2 double swims, a spare single swim and a treble swim.

All swims are within easy walking distance of the facilities area  and car park, and easily accessible for unloading your gear. There are tables with benches in each swim along with weigh pods to make the weighing of your fish easier .

 Please Note:  Only bait boats are allowed on the lake, no other boats of any description.

Please click here to see maps of the swims at Pleasure Lake France.

Please click here to see more pictures of the lake.


For your comfort whilst fishing, there are facilites for showering as well as  flush toilet and enough room to change. Outside is an enclosed shelter which has 3 small fridges for food and drink only, sink with hot and cold water and cooker.  all cooking utensils, which include, pots, pans, mugs, plates, knives, forks etc. and power points for charging bait boat batteries, laptops and mobile phones only between the hours of 8 to 5 o'clock each day.

There is also a bbq for your use in each swim.

There are no freezers at the lake.  The fridges are for food and drink use only.

PLEASE NOTE Cold water not suitable for drinking.  (Bottled water is sold on site)