Carp Fishing & Catfishing at Pleasure Lake France – ideally situated in the beautiful Limousin






28th September to 5th October.  5 Anglers


70.2lb,  55.8lb,  50lb,  47lb,  2 x 44lb,  41lb,  40lb,  39lb,  38lb,  35lb,  31lb,  30lb,  24lb,  Commons. 46lb,  45lb,  40.4lb,  35lb,  24lb,  23.2lb,  21lb.


101lb,  49lb

What a surprise another 70lb coming out and definitely a different one from the previous so we know there are 2.  New pb with that and the 46lb and 45lb commons.  Weather changed drastically now, plenty of rain, wind and quite cold.



7th to 14th September.   5 Anglers


71.2lb,  62.8lb,  60.1lb,  57lb,  49lb,  2 x 48lb,  47.8lb,  3 x 47lb,  46lb,  3 x 44lb,  39lb,  3 x 38lb,  34lb, 33lb,  2 x 32lb,  31lb,  2 x 30lb,  2 x 27lb,  26lb,  3 under 25lb.   Commons:  47lb,  38lb,  32lb,  26lb.

This has got to be one of the best weeks for us with the 71.2lb coming out, and not the same fish as the lake record one of 67.8lb so we are extremely happy.  Good week in all with more pb’s broken, unfortunately dropped off a little towards end of week due to the high temperatures again.


31st August to 7th September.  6 Anglers


60lb,  56.8lb,  56lb,  2 x 51lb,  50lb,  43lb,  38lb,  36.8lb,  35lb,  32lb.  29lb,  2 x 28lb,  27.8lb,  2 under 25lb.  Commons:  41.8lb,  40lb,  2 x 36lb,  28lb.



Another good week, new pb’s again weather still hot, getting cooler of an evening.



24th to 31st August.  3 anglers


66.8lb,  57lb,  52lb,  50lb,  49lb,  45.8lb,  45.4lb,  42lb,  41.8lb,  40lb,  35lb,  32lb,  30lb,  26lb.  Common. 29lb.


99lb,  60lb. 44lb.

What a week these 3 anglers had, all smashing  their pb,s and in the heat we are having here they did really well.  Nice to see the cats on the bank again.


17th to 24th August. 3 anglers


54lb,  51lb,  48lb,  47lb,  46lb,  44lb,  41lb,  39lb,  38lb,  29lb,  25lb.  Commons:  38lb,  32lb.   Grass carp:  28lb,  26lb.


Had 3 catfish which they did not weigh which was a shame.  Apparently didn’t come for catfish.


10th to 17th August. 5 anglers


 54.4lb,  51.4lb,  46.14lb,  46.4lb,  43.12lb,  42.12lb,  42lb,  41lb,  40.14lb,  40.2lb,  39.11lb,  36.3lb,  35.8lb,  35.4lb,  34.4lb,  34.2lb,  29.2lb,  28.10lb,  28.2lb,  27.8lb,  26.8lb,  26lb,  3 under 25lb.  Commons:  44lb,  40lb,  35lb,  28.10lb,  28.4lb,  24lb.  Grass carp:  31.6lb,  31lb,  26.8lb


102lb,  46lb

Not a bad week, unfortunately could’nt get into the big carp, but a lot of new pb’s with the catfish, common, and grass carp.


 3rd to 10th August.  1 angler


60.4lb,  47.15lb,  45lb,  30.7lb,  30.5lb.   Commons:  39lb,  34.4lb,  27.4lb,  


75.5lb. Mandarin catfish,  67lb,  38.9lb,  12.5lb.

Not a bad week for 1 angler who was on his honeymoon.  He broke his pb with the 60.4lb mirror and had the mandarin catfish first time out this season.  


 7th to 19th July.  2 anglers


48.4lb,  46.8lb,  27.6lb,  26.4lb.    Commons:  27.5lb. 23.2lb.  Grass carp:  44.5lb. 41.9lb,  40.8lb,  38.5lb,  32.5lb, 28lb


62.8lb,  43lb,  42.5lb,  42.2lb,  41.8lb,  41.5lb,  40.7lb,  40.1lb

Hard fishing again,  lost 2 big cats,  had new lake record Grass carp at 44.5lb which was nice, they are putting the weight on.   Carp showing but not getting their heads down.  


29th June to 6th July.  5 anglers


54lb,  42lb,  29lb,  25lb,  22lb,  21lb,  Grass carp:   38lb,  31.8lb,  3 x 31lb,  27lb.


98lb,  45lb,  44lb,  2 x 40lb 39lb.

After arriving in 40+ degree heat and the temperature not going down to much throughout the week we new  it would be a hard week for the anglers.   There were a few fish lost, none of the big ones interested in feeding, but had the 98lb catfish which was nice to see on the bank.  Hot weather again next week so have to wait and see what happens.

 15th to 22nd June.  2 anglers


64lb,  52.12lb,  50lb,  49lb,  48lb,  47.8lb,  43lb,  42.8lb,  40lb,  4 x 39lb,  38.12lb,  2 x 37lb,  32.4lb,  31.10lb,  31lb,  29lb,  28lb,  3 under 25lb.   Commons:  48.4lb,  41.10lb,  2 x 38lb,  35lb,  30lb,  28lb,  2 x 26lb,  23lb.  Grass Carp:  33lb,  32lb.


These are all estimated weight as they did not weigh any of them or take any photos.

65lb+  2 x 50lb+  2 x 40lb+  30lb+

Another good week 43 fish between 2 anglers.   New pb’s and New Lake Record Common.

Shame about the catfish, as it is very hard to estimate their weight so could have been bigger, we shall never know.


8th to 15th June.  4 anglers


67.8lb,  63.12lb,  63.8lb,  62.8lb. 60lb,  55.8lb,  52.8lb,  48.8lb,  47.8lb,  46.8lb,  46lb,  44lb,  43.10lb,  43lb,  41.8lb,  38lb,  37.8lb,  36lb,  32lb,  3 x 31lb,  30.4lb,  29lb,  26.8lb,  26lb,  2 under 25lb.   Commons:  42lb,  41.6lb,  38lb,  3 x 27lb.   Grass carp:  40lb,  33.8lb


44lb,  39lb,  28.7lb

What a week these anglers had.   Definently best week this season with 39 fish on the bank and 5 x 60lb.   


1st to 8th June.   3 anglers


54lb,  49lb,  48lb,  43lb,  42lb,  41lb,  39lb,  35lb, 34lb,  32lb,  29lb,  24lb.   Commons:  38lb,  36lb,  27lb.   Grass Carp:  32lb


75lb,  47lb

Fish started spawning beginning of week.    Weather so unsettled for this time of year.


 25th May to 1st June. 4 anglers


65.13lb. 60.7lb,  51lb, 49lb,  48.8lb,  47lb,  43lb,  39lb,  37lb,  30lb,  29lb,  28lb, 1 under 25lb.  Commons:  47.2lb, 41lb, 21lb.  Grass Carp:  31lb


54lb,  30lb,26lb

2 New lake records this week with the 65.13lb mirror and the 47.2lb common congratulations to the anglers on those.Few lost this week but the ones on the bank were in superb condition and must be feeding well.   


18th to 25th May.  4 anglers


61.12lb,  54.3lb,  52lb,  49lb,  47lb,  45lb,  44.10lb,  36.8lb,  2 x 35lb,  32.5lb,  28lb,  2 under 25lb.

Commons:  42lb, 39lb, 24lb.  Grass carp:  36lb,  31lb.


82lb,  40.4lb,  35lb.

Bit better this week with 2 new pb’s.  No real change weather wise.


11th to 18th May. 6 anglers


49.6lb,  2 x 49lb,  46.10lb,  39lb,  38.4lb,  37.8lb, 37lb,  30.8lb,  30lb,  2 under 30lb.  Commons:  37.10lb,  36.2lb,  28lb,  26.8lb,  26lb,  25lb,  Grass carp:  38lb,  31lb.


47.6lb,  40lb,  38lb,  36lb,  31lb

Weather more settled this week but still cold at night, the big ones just would not take the bait.


4th to 11th May.  4 anglers


59.8lb,  51.7lb,  51lb,  44.9lb,  41lb,  39lb,  34lb,  33lb,  23lb.  Common:  44.8lb

What  a week weather wise.  2 anglers didn’t start fishing until Sunday because of the high  wind and rain then during the week there was snow, hailstones, strong winds and constant rain.  Freezing temperatures at night.  2 anglers left Friday morning other 2 left Friday night.


27th April to 4th May. 5 anglers


60.14lb,  59.4lb,  50.12lb,  2 x 48lb,  46.8lb,  46lb,  2 x 45.8lb,  45.5lb,  2 x 41.8lb,  41lb,  40lb,  39.4lb,  38.2lb,  37lb,  2 x 36lb,  34.14lb,  34.6lb,  31.8lb,  30.2lb,  30lb,  29.10lb,  28.8lb,  27.5lb,  2 x 25lb,  2 under 25lb.     Commons:   46.8lb new lake record.   38lb,  22.14lb,  20.1lb.     Grass carp:  41lb,  34lb,  30lb,  29lb,  23lb.

2 new lake records this week with the 46.8lb common and the 41lb grass carp.

2 new pb’s aswell this week with the 60.14lb mirror and 41lb grass carp.  Weather very up and down with rain, wind, sunshine through the day very cold at night  but still a good week.


20th to 25th April. 4 anglers

60.5lb,  49.4lb,  43lb,  41.8lb,  40.2lb,  35.2lb,  32.12lb,  30.8lb.    Common:  28.6lb.    Grass carp:  37.4lb,  33lb


45lb,  35lb,  30.3lb,  30lb.    

Anglers were booked on for the week but by Thursday had enough of the wind and rain so decided to leave.   New pb with the 60.5lb.


6th to 13th April.   3 angler.

54lb,  38.6lb.    Common. 40.8lb

Not the start we would have liked.  Fish jumping all over but we’re not interested in the baits just feeding on naturals.




 15th to 22nd September.  4 anglers


52.9lb,  46.7lb,  45.9lb,  45lb,  44.4lb,  43.6lb,  2 x 43.8lb,  41.11b,  39.3lb,  35.3lb,  32.6lb,  2 x 28.3lb,    27.6lb,  23.6lb,  2 x 23.2lb,  16.5lb.   Commons:  43.6lb,  38.3lb,  33.1lb,  32.4lb,  30.9lb,  25.8lb

Good week with a lot of 40lb carp showing and our biggest common of the season.

8th to 15th September. 5 anglers


57lb,  48lb,  47lb,  44lb,  42lb,  33lb,  2 x 28lb,  24lb,  23lb.


68lb mandarin 

Slow beginning of week picked up towards the end.

1st to 8th September.  7 anglers


2 x 57lb,  56.8lb,  54lb,  46.8lb,  2 x 46lb,  42.1lb,  2 x 42lb,  41.4lb,  40.4lb,  40.2lb,  2 x 40lb,  39lb,  2 x 37.8lb,  37.6lb,  36.12lb,  35.2lb,  34lb,  33lb,  32.4lb,  30.2lb,  26.6lb,  2 x 25lb.  6 under 25lb.  Commons:  42lb,  41.4lb,  34lb,  33lb,  2 x 30lb.  

Well  another good week, getting slightly cooler at night now but still mid/high 20's through the day.

 25th August to 1st September.  5 anglers


62lb.  60lb,  52lb,  47lb,  46lb ,  45lb,  44.8lb,  44lb,  43lb,  40lb, 39.13lb,  38lb,  36lb,  35lb,  34lb,  32lb,  31lb,  3 x 30lb,  27lb,  2 under 25lb.    Commons:  38lb,  37lb.

what a difference a week can make.  Great to see the bigger carp showing themselves lets hope it continues now, fingers crossed.


18th to 25thAugust. 5 anglers


44.2lb,  42lb,  39.6lb,  38lb,  36.9lb,  36.8lb,  2 x 31lb,  27.10lb,  27.8lb,  27lb,  26lb,  25lb,  4 under 25lb.   Common:  30.8lb.

very slow week again, desperately need a lot of rain.  Still anglers enjoyed their week and 2 new pbs so all went away very happy.  2 big catfish lost end double swim.


11th to 18th August. 6 anglers


51.8lb,  46.5lb,  44.10lb,  44.2lb,  44.1lb,  41.12lb,  40.12lb,  39.15lb,  39.14lb,  38lb,  36.6lb,  36lb,  34.6lb,  34.2lb,  33.13lb,  32lb,  31.7lb,  29.9lb,  29.04lb,  27.8lb,  27.2lb,  26.4lb,  26lb,  25.5lb,  4 under 25lb.    Commons:  36.9lb,  36.5lb,  34.2lb,  28lb,  25lb,  6 under 25lb.

A much better week, to early to say if the particle ban has made a difference.  Big catfish lost, would have been nice to see it on the bank.  One angler only had 2 fish but this included the 51.8lb and a new pb for him.


4th to 11th August .  3 anglers


48lb,  30lb,  28lb,  18lb.    Grass carp:  36lb,  25lb.

Not a good week.  Due to the very hot weather and on the advise of our fish farmer we are stopping all particle, hemp, and hemp/maize for the rest of this season and all of next.   We hope that this will help the catch rates to increase.

28th July to 4th August.  6 anglers 


58lb,  57.8lb,  2 x 43lb,  39lb,  38.5lb,  37lb,  36lb,  34lb,  30lb,  27lb,  23.9lb.  Commons:  38lb,  35lb.

Very hard week again.  Desperately need some rain.  Still 2 pb's broken so not to bad.  


21st to 28th July.  6 anglers


55lb,  2 x 44lb,  40lb,  38lb,  37lb,  3 x 36lb,  2 x 34lb,  2 x 32lb,  2 x 29lb,  2 x 28lb,  2 x 22lb.  Commons. 37lb,  33lb,  23lb,  22lb.


59lb mandarin

Yet again another hard week.  Temperature not dropping at all. 



14th to 21st July.  Lake exclusive 3 anglers


32lb,  28lb,  20.13lb,  18.14lb,  18.1lb.   Commons:  28lb,  19.3lb

Another really hard week.  The temperature in the mid 30's most days is not helping, the fish just don't want to feed.  


 7th to 14th July. Lake exclusive. 4 anglers.


58.5lb,  52lb,  44.8lb,  44lb,  40.8lb,  37lb,  35.8lb,  29.6lb,  24.6lb.  Commons:  32.6lb,  31.3lb. Grass Carp:  34lb,  31lb.


75lb,  69lb

A hard week with the temperatures being so high, but again  a new pb.


30th June to 7th July.  Lake exclusive.  5 anglers.


44.8lb,  44lb,  42.8lb,  2 x 40lb,  38lb,  2 x 37lb,  36lb,  32lb,  2 x 30lb,  3 x 28lb,  27lb,  2 x 25lb,  7 under 25lb.  Common:  24lb.   Grass carp:  40lb,  36lb,  32lb,  5 x 30lb plus.



Do not think this is a very accurate catch report as they were not interested in weighing anything under 40lb which is a shame for people who like to see the catch reports.

 23rd to 30th June.  Lake exclusive.  5 anglers


54.02lb,  39.5lb,  39lb,  35lb,  34lb,  2 x 26lb,  25lb,  18lb.

New pb again this week but very disappointing.  Fishermen said the fish were spawning, and the temperatures were high 30 .  Temperatures looking same for next week so have to wait and see what happens.

 16th to 23rd June.  Lake exclusive. 6 anglers


58lb,  56lb,  50lb,  45.8lb,  2 x 43lb,  4 x 42lb,  2 x 41.8lb,  41lb,  40lb,  39.8lb,  38lb,  6 x 37lb,  2 x 36lb,  2 x 33lb,  32.8lb,  32lb,  31llb,  30lb,  29lb,  28.8lb,  28lb,  27lb,  2 x 26.8lb,  8 under 25lb. Commons:  36lb,  27.8lb,  2 x 30lb,  2 x 21lb,  18lb.

Goods weeks fishing total 51 fish.  Summer has arrived with extremely high temperatures.


2nd to 9th June.  Lake exclusive. 6 anglers.


53.6lb,  51.6lb,  49.5lb,  43.4lb,  42.8lb,  41.8lb,  41.6lb,  41.3lb,  41.1lb,  2 x 41lb,  40.6lb,  38.9lb,  38.7lb,  38.4lb,  36.6lb,  35.6lb,  33.8lb,  33.4lb,  33.3lb,  31.8lb,  30lb,  29.6lb,  29.4lb,  29lb,  28.9lb,  28.8lb,  28.7lb,  28lb,  26.5lb,  5 under 26lb.  Commons:  41.1lb,  38.9lb,  33.6lb,  32.8lb,  28.6lb,  26.9lb,  23.6lb,  20.8lb,   Grass Carp:  31.6lb,  29lb.

2 big catfish lost.   Fish were spawning for second time this season from Saturday until Tuesday.  Good weeks fishing.



 26th May to 2nd June.  Lake exclusive 5 anglers.


54lb,  51.3lb,  49.2lb,  48.8lb,  48.6lb,  48.5lb,  46.10lb,  44lb,  43.8lb,  43lb,  42.8lb,  41lb,  38.8lb,  2 x 38.5lb,  38.4lb,  37.4lb,  36.8lb,  36.4lb,  36lb,  35.2lb,  35lb,  34.2lb,  33.12lb,  32lb.  28.8lb,  28.5lb,  27.4lb,  26.12lb,  25.2lb,  25lb.  7 under 25lb.   Commons:  34.8lb,  32lb,  30.4lb,  22.4lb,  22lb,  20lb,  2 under 20lb.    Grass Carp:  34lb.

New pb's again this week.  Few really bad thunderstorms.  Friday night/early Saturday morning the fish started to spawn for the second time, not good for anglers turning up for next week.


19th to 26th May. Lake exclusive. 7 anglers


50.2lb,  48lb,  47lb,  43lb,  39lb,  38.8lb,  2 x 38lb,  37.12lb,  2 x 37.8lb,  37.6lb,  37.2lb,  37lb,  36.8lb,  2 x 36lb,  35lb,  34lb,  2 x 33lb,  32lb,  3 x 30lb,  2 x 28lb,  2 x 26lb,  8 under 25lb.  Common:  35lb,  Grass carp:  26lb,  24.8lb.

2 new pb's this week.  Weather still not settled.  


12th to 19th May. Lake exclusive 4 anglers


47.8lb,  47lb,  40.4lb,  37.2lb,  36.4lb,  33.1lb,  31.4lb,  30lb,  28lb,  27.8lb,  27.4lb,  27lb,  25lb, 6  under 25lb.   Commons:  32lb,  29.8lb,  2 x 27.12lb,  2 x 25lb.  Grass Carp:  33.8lb,  32lb,  28lb,  20lb.

New pb this week, but unfortunately the bigger fish were not interested in feeding.  Again weather very changeable.  Not settled at all for this time of year.


5th to 12th May.  Lake exclusive. 7 anglers


55.11lb,  52lb,  47.6lb,  47.4lb,  43.11lb,  39.2lb,  2 x 39lb,  37lb,  35.8lb,  34.9lb,  33.10lb,  32.7lb,  27.2lb,  26.8lb,  26.6lb,  25.9lb,  3 under 25lb.   Commons:  26.4lb,  19.6lb,  19lb,  16lb,  Grass Carp:  34.4lb,  23.15lb.

Fish started to spawn on Monday through to Wednesday.  Again weather very changeable with temperatures dropping at night.

28th April to 5th May. 5 Anglers


57.8lb,  52.8lb,  52.7lb,  2 x 46lb,  43.15lb,  43lb,  42.3lb,  42lb,  40lb,  2 x 37.8lb,  36lb,  35.8lb,  35lb,  34.8lb,  32lb,  30lb,  28.8lb,  27lb.  5 under 25lb.   Commons:  39lb,  21lb.  Grass carp:  35lb.

 Week started off well, dropped off towards middle of week then picked up again.  28 fish banked with 45 runs.  

21st to 28th April.  Lake exclusive.  5 anglers


63.14lb,  50.12lb,  44lb,  41lb,  37.8lb,  37.5lb,  36.15lb,  36lb,  34.08lb,  32.13lb,  31.5lb,  31lb,  28.14lb,  26.6lb,  26lb,  24lb,  2 x 22lb,  6 under 20lb.   Commons:  41lb,  22lb.   Grass carp:  32lb,

2 x 31lb,  30lb, 29lb,  25.6lb,  24lb.


56lb, mandarin catfish,  46lb,  41lb.

Better week than last week, turned cold towards end of week.

14th to 21st April. Lake exclusive. 6 anglers


54.15lb,  42lb,  37lb,  31.09lb,  26.14lb,  17lb.   Commons.  29lb,    Grass carp.  21lb,  20lb.

Think this must be the worst week we have had for many years.  The anglers tried everything to get the fish feeding but they just did not want to know.  Perhaps it was the rapid change in weather, like going from winter to summer within a couple of days.  We did have one happy angler when he broke is pb with the 54.15lb.


7th to 14th April.  Lake exclusive.  4 anglers.


58.4lb,  50.7lb,  47.6lb,  44.8lb,  44lb,  42.9lb,  41.01lb,  37.4lb,  36.1lb,  35.2lb,  34.7lb,  32.5lb,  31.9lb,  31.7lb,  26.8lb,  23.1lb,  18.7lb.   Commons:  37.8lb,  36.3lb,  26.9lb,  24.2lb,  22.05lb,  18.7lb.  Grass Carp:  34.1lb,  33lb,  28.6lb


80.9lb,  76lb,  65lb.

Again not to bad a week.  Weather still very unpredictable.  Loads of rain again .

 31st March to 7th April.  Lake exclusive  6 anglers.


59lb,  57lb,  54.8lb,  53lb,  50.8lb,  44lb,  42lb,  2 x 40lb,  2 x 39lb,  38lb,  34lb,  30lb,  28lb,  22lb,  21lb,  20lb.  Commons:  32lb, 31lb.

The first week of the season didn't go to badly.  The weather was awful with rain, snow and hailstones.  2 pb's were broken, one by an angler who has been fishing in France for the past 20 years.







7th to 14th October. Lake exclusive 


61lb,  56.4lb,  52lb,  50lb,  46.5lb,  42lb,  38lb,  36lb,  33.15lb,  33.4lb,  33lb,  31.12lb,  29lb,  27lb. Common:  33.8lb.  Grass carp:  25lb


90lb,  83lb,  82lb,  78lb,  70lb,  25lb.

Better week with some nice size fish on the bank.  Weather really good for this time of year and fish seem to be getting back on the baits.


30th September to 7th October.  Lake exclusive


49lb,  43lb,  38lb,  36lb,  35.2lb,  35lb,  33lb,  32lb,  29lb.

Cat fish:

136lb,  105lb,  43lb.

Again not a good week, carp just not picking up the baits.


23rd to 30th September  5 anglers.  Lake exclusive


49.12lb,  49.10lb,  34.13lb,  common  25lb


93lb,  92lb,  86lb,  80lb,  79lb,  78.8lb,  78lb

Very bad week, the anglers tried everything to get the carp feeding but they didnt want to know. They were occupied on naturals in the lake as you could see them feeding, just not picking up the baits;




16th to 23rd September.  5 anglers.  Lake exclusive


55lb,  52.9lb,  2 x 48.5lb,  2 x 47.4lb,  46.9lb,  46.3lb,  44.9lb,  43.5lb,  2 x 42.9lb,  42.5lb,  42lb,  40.9lb,  40.8lb,  40lb,  38.6lb,  37.4lb,  35.3lb,  2 x 35.2lb,  33lb,  31.9lb,  30.6lb,  29.7lb,  28.7lb,  2 x 26.4lb,  25.4lb.    Commons:  38.5lb,  37,4lb,  33lb,  30lb,  26.5lb,  24.2lb,  22lb,  Grass carp:  27.6lb


128.9lb,  99lb.

Started off looking to be very good week, but unfortunately due to change in weather yet again it really slowed down towards the end.  


9th to 16th September. 5 anglers


51.10lb,  44.6lb,  41.6lb,  40.10lb,  40.9lb,  39.2lb,  38.10lb,  36.15lb,  33.3lb,  29lb,  27.8lb.

commons:  35.12lb,  32.12lb,  32lb,  31.3lb,  25.11lb. Grass carp:  18lb.

Cat fish

102.2lb,  92.11lb

Extremely hard this week, with the weather turning so cold they seem to have gone into the deeper water.  Hopefully next week will be better.  But that's fishing if they don't want to feed you can't make them.


2nd to 9th September .  7 anglers Lake exclusive


2 x 56lb,  53lb,  50lb,  2 x 49lb,  2 x 47lb,  45lb,  43lb,  42lb,  4 x 40lb,  2 x 38lb,  2 x 37lb,  36lb,  3 x 34lb,  33lb,  2 x 32lb,  29lb,  28lb,  25lb,  22lb.  Commons:  32lb,  30lb,  22lb.  Grass carp:  2 x 26lb.

Cat fish:

93lb,  88lb,  80lb,  62lb,  32lb.

5 new pb's this week, some nice fish on the bank and very happy anglers.


 26th August to 2nd September. 3 anglers lake exclusive.


48lb,  45lb,  44lb,  43lb,  3 x 42lb,  3 x 41lb, 2 x 38lb,  36lb,  32lb,  28lb,  25lb,  2 under 25lb.  Commons:  38lb,  36lb,  31lb,  2 x 26lb.  Grass carp:  30lb.


82lb,  76lb,  74lb,  3 under 30lb

Slow start to the week due to the hot weather, towards the end of week the weather cooled and fish began to feed.

19th to 26th August.  6 anglers


53.8lb,  50lb,  48.15lb,  48.8lb,  40.3lb,  39.12lb,  39lb,  37lb,  36.12lb,  36.8lb,  35.8lb,  3 x 27lb,  26.4lb.  Commons:  27lb,  22.4lb.   Grass carp:  31lb,  30lb,  26lb,  24.2lb,  22lb


109lb,  96.8lb,  94lb,  87lb,  2 x 72lb,  2 under 50lb.   59.4lb mandarin catfish.

Disappointing week after last week, weather was hot all week,  still all anglers caught and a couple of new pbs as well.

12th to 19th August.  6 anglers


53.11lb,  50.1lb,  49.8lb,  47.12lb,  46.10lb,  45.1lb,  44.15lb,  44.9lb,  44.1lb,  41.12lb,  41.6lb,  40.2lb,  40lb,  39.11lb,  39lb,  38.15lb,  38.6lb,  37.11lb,  37.4lb,  37.2lb,  37lb,  2 x 36.8lb,  36lb,  35.8lb,  34lb,  33.2lb,  33lb,  2 x 32lb,  8 under 30lb.    Commons:  32.1lb,  31.8lb,  28.7lb,  28lb,  25.12lb,  25.10lb,  27.4lb,  20.8lb.  Grass carp:  2 x 30lb,  28lb,  24lb,  18.2lb.


117.2lb,  94.2lb,  89lb,  2 x 84lb,  80.4lb,  75.4lb,  74lb,  69lb,  68lb,  3 under 60lb.   58.6lb mandarin.

Really good weeks fishing with 65 fish on the bank.


29th July to 5th August.  3 anglers Lake exclusive


56lb,  49lb,  45.8lb,  43lb,  41lb,  39lb,  38lb,  36.12lb,  2 x 36lb,  33lb,  30lb.  28lb.  Common. 30lb.


75lb,  74lb,  73lb.

Weather just not constant for this time of year, but still some good fish.

22nd to 29th July 5 anglers


55.5lb,  49.12lb,  48.10lb,  47.4lb,  47lb,  45lb,  44.12lb,  44.8lb,  41.8lb,  40.4lb,  39.8lb,  39.6lb,  3 x 38.10lb,  37lb,  36.11lb,  36.1lb,  32.12lb,  31.9lb,  29lb,  27.8lb,  26.14lb,  26lb,  25lb,  2 x 24lb;  Commons;  36lb,  29.4lb,  22lb.  Grass Carp,  27lb,  25lb.


107lb,  94lb,  90lb,  88.5lb,  76lb,  75lb,  72.8lb,  71lb,  70lb,  52lb,  29.9lb       59.8lb Mandarin Catfish

Again Started off slow but came good towards end of week.

 July 15th to 22nd July  4 anglers.  Lake exclusive


50.7lb,  50.4lb,  49.5lb,  47.7lb,  47.4lb,  44.9lb,  44.2lb,  43lb,  39.6lb,  38.5lb,  37.5lb,  35.3lb, 2 x 34.7lb,  34.1lb,  33.7lb,  33lb,  6 under 30lb.  Commons:  29.7lb,  19lb,  Grass Carp:  34.6lb,  30.9lb,  26.5lb



New PB again this week.  Started off really slow with temperatures very high but towards the end of the week the weather cooled and fishing picked up.


1st to 8th July.  1 angler.


51lb,  48lb,  47lb,  42lb,  39lb,  38lb,  37lb,  35lb,  33lb,  28lb,  26lb.  Common:  18lb,  Grass Carp:  36lb,  33lb,  26lb,  17lb.


5 catfish all over 60lb scales bottomed out at 60. 

New pb with the 51lb, not a bad week.

24th June to 1st July.  4 anglers.  Lake Exclusive.


52lb,  50lb,  48.6lb,  42.8lb,  42lb,  38.4lb,  3 x 38lb,  37.6lb,  37.4lb,  3 x 37lb,  36lb,  2 x 35lb,  2 x 34lb,  3 x 32lb,  31.1lb,  31lb,  30.6lb,  6 under 30lb.  Commons:  32lb,  31lb,  29lb,  27.7lb,  2 x 27lb,  23lb,  17lb,  16.6lb,  Grass Carp:  31lb,  30.8lb,  30.4lb,  30lb,  23.6lb,  22lb,  16.4lb.


92lb,  90lb,  2 x 85lb,  80lb+,  75lb,  73lb,  70lb,  66lb,  64lb,  50lb,  4 under 50lb.

Week started off slow but then temperature dropped and plenty of rain, what a difference, fish really started feeding.


17th to 24th June   7 anglers.  Lake Exclusive


38lb,  37.8lb,  36.8lb,  28.7lb,  to under 25lb.  Grass Carp:  28lb,  23lb. 


87lb,  75lb,  72.5lb,  41lb,  38.10lb,  30lb.

Not a good week at all.  Temperature soared to 40 degrees and fish just not interested in feeding .


10th to 17th June   3 anglers  Lake exclusive


51.12lb,  49.8lb,  46.8lb,  41.8lb,  32.12lb,  32.8lb,  2 x 31.12lb    Comon:  26lb.   Grass Carp:  33.4lb,  28.8lb,  26.12lb,  24.8lb,  22.12lb,  16lb.

Cat Fish

72lb,  61lb,  40lb,  37.8lb

Hard weeks fishing.  So hot through the day fish did not want to feed, all catches were at night or early morning. 

3rd to 10th June.  5 anglers.


53.5lb,  52.5lb,  52lb,  47.12lb,  3x 44lb,  41lb,  2x 40lb,  39lb,  3 x 36lb,  2 x 35lb,  34lb,  3 x 32lb,  9 under 30lb.   Commons:  28.7lb,  25lb,   Grass Carp:  32lb,  30lb,  28lb,  26lb,  25lb,  3 under 25lb.


86lb,  78lb,  2 x 72lb,  2x 70lb,  2 x 68lb,  62lb,  2x 41lb,  5 under 40lb.

 Again new pbs for 3 of the anglers.


27th May to 3rd June.  3 anglers


56.4lb,  49.3lb,  46.12lb,  45.8lb,  44.8lb,  44.2lb,  44lb,  42lb,  39lb,  36.8lb,  36.4lb,  3 x 36lb,  35lb,  33.8lb,  33.2lb,  23.8lb.     Common :26lb,    Grass Carp:  31lb,  25.8lb.


113.5lb,  96.8lb,  88lb,  87lb,  78lb,  2 x 75lb,  72lb, 70lb,  69.5lb,  68lb,  63lb,  4 under 50lb.

Carp were not really showing at the beginning of the week as the cats were on the feed but the carp came good in the end.


20th To 27th May. 6 anglers.


51lb, 46lb, 40.8lb, 39.14lb, 38.5lb, 38lb, 37.12lb, 37lb, 35.9lb, 35.8lb, 35lb, 34.9lb, 34.4lb, 34lb, 32lb. 5 under 30lb. Commons: 32lb, 28lb, 27.11lb, 27lb, 24.15lb, 24lb, 23lb.
Grass Carp: 30lb, 26lb, 24.8lb, 19.8lb.


84lb, 78lb, 74lb, Mandarin catfish. 53.8lb.

Very slow start to the week, on Wednesday we could see that they were not putting enough bait in and advised them to try putting more bait in as they had bought it and getting under the trees because of the very hot weather. It worked and they ended having a fair week, and a new pb aswell.


13th to 20th May  5 anglers Lake exclusive


57.12lb,  55.9lb,  52lb,  51.15lb,  50lb,  48.5lb,  47.11lb,  45.10lb,  44.14lb,  44lb,  40.3lb,  39.12lb,  39.3lb,  39lb,  38.14lb,  38.4lb,  37.12lb,  36.2lb,  35.3lb,  35.2lb,  8 under 35lb.  Commons:  38lb,  36.15lb,  33.5lb,  32.12lb, 6 under 30lb.

Grass carp:  27lb,  26.5lb,    25.l5lb


91.5lb, 89lb,  88lb,  80lb,  60lb,  6 under 50lb.

Another very mixed week weather wise, getting sun burnt one day and soaking wet the next with temperatures changing every day.  


 6th to 13th May   5 anglers Lake exclusive


58.1lb,  56.8lb,  55.4lb,  49.14lb,  49.12lb,  45.9lb,  42lb,  40.1lb,  40lb,  39.12lb,  2 x 38lb,  37.2lb,  35.3lb,  35.2lb,  34.10lb,  34.8lb,  34.6lb,  34.4lb,  33.8lb,  32.10lb,  32.8lb,  32.2lb,  32lb,  21 under 32lb.  Commons:  34lb,  29.10lb,  29.8lb,  26.12lb,  26.2lb,  2 x 26lb,  18.2lb



Yet again a hard week started off well but the bigger fish stopped showing towards the end:

29th April to 6th May    4 anglers Lake exclusive


61.4lb,   56.4lb,  47.12lb,  47.8lb,  46.6lb,  46.4lb,  45lb,  44.12lb,  44.10lb,  38.10lb,  2 x 36lb, 6 under 35lb.   Commons:  40.2lb,  35.6lb.   Grass carp:  39.2lb,  35.8lb,  35.4lb,  32.4lb,  29.10lb,  27.12lb,  27.1lb.


85lb,  62lb,    52.8lb, mandarin catfish

Another hard week but nice to see the 61.4lb out.  


22nd to 29th April   3 anglers  Lake exclusive


56.12lb,  50.2lb,  47.8lb,  2 x 46lb,  45.8lb,  43.2lb, 42lb, 39,14lb,  38lb,  37.8lb,  33lb,  32.14lb,  32lb,  31.8lb,  30lb,  26lb.    Commons:   36lb,  32lb,  31.4lb,  30lb,  29lb.   


112lb,  109lb,  92lb,  87lb,  83.8lb,  83lb,  2 x 72lb,  2 x 66lb,  60lb  5 under 60lb.

Another very up and down week weather wise.  Had it all, sun, rain, snow and hailstones so not bad result really.


15th to 22nd April  3 anglers  Lake exclusive


48.5lb,  46.3lb, 41.3lb,  40.7lb,  38.5lb,  36.5lb,  36.4lb,  36.3lb,  31.0lb,  5 under 30lb.    Commons:  36.3lb,  28.6lb.   Grass Carp:  35.2lb,  32lb.

Not a very good week.  Weather changed drastically from last week, strong winds and minus 3 at night.  


8th to 15th April  4 anglers  Lake exclusive


59.14,  57.11,  53.3,  52.8,  52.1,  51.15,  51.07,  51.05,  51,  50.01,  48.2,  47.8,  45.11,  45.6,  44.2,  2 x 44,  42.8,  42.7,  42.4,  42,  2 x 41.8,  38.11,  38.2,  38,  37.10,  37.7,  37.4,  37.1,  36.12,  36.4,  36.3,  35.15,  35.11,  32 under 35lb.    Commons;  37.5,  36.4,  36.2,  35.4,  32.1,, 32,  8 under 30lb;   Grass Carp:  26lb

Cat Fish:

98lb,  70lb,  4 under 35lb

Superb weeks fishing with 88 fish on the bank;    Unfortunately due to the hot weather we have had, the fish started spawning on Wednesday and the fishing slowed down,.


1st to 8th April  2 anglers


58lb,  50lb,  49lb,  48lb,  46lb,  2 x 45lb,  44lb,  43lb,  42lb,  41lb,  40lb,  39lb,  36lb,  35lb,  2 x 32lb,  31lb,  30lb.    Commons:   38lb and 36lb.

Cat Fish:

115lb,  110lb,  105lb,  100lb,  81lb,  80lb,  2 x 70lb,  65lb,  50lb,  40lb.

Not bad start to the season.  Weather nice through the day but still quite cold at night.



22nd to 29th October  3 anglers Lake exclusive


63.8lb,  62.5lb,  54.5lb,  52lb,  51lb,  44.7lb,  44.5lb,  43.8lb,  43.4lb,  41lb,  40lb,  39lb,  2 x 38lb,  37lb,  3x 33lb,  3 under 30lb.  Common  37lb,  33lb,  31lb,  27.5lb:

Cat Fish:


Not bad week especially with another 2 x 60+ coming out;

15th to 22nd October  5 anglers


61.7lb;  53.11lb,  51.8lb,  50.2lb,  49.14lb,  45.8lb,  44.10lb,  44lb,  43.6lb,  41.1lb,  40lb,  39.8lb,  39lb,  37.13lb,  37lb,  29.12lb,  25lb.

Cat Fish:

90lb, 20lb.

Another 60+ outwhich was nice.


8th to 15th October 4 anglers


49.8lb,  48.10lb,  2 x 48lb,  47.9lb,  47.1lb,  44.13lb,  43lb,  38lb,  2 x 35lb,  34.7lb,  32lb,  26.7lb,  22lb.  Commons:  35lb,  28lb,  27lb,  25lb.  Grass carp  20lb

Cat Fish:

84lb,  74lb.


1st to 8th october     6 anglers 


60.4lb,  52.8lb,  52.4lb,  48.3lb,  45.12lb,  44.10lb,  44.6lb,  44lb,  43.8lb,  42.12lb,  39lb,  31lb,   Common:  25lb,  Grass carp:  25.12lb,  24lb;

Cat fish:

90lb,  84lb,  72lb,  70lb,  64lb.    Mandarin catfish 54lb

Thought it was going to be good week with the 60.4lb coming out straight away but wasnt to be.  Very hard week, turned very cold at night now.


24th September to 1st October   Lake exclusive  2 anglers


42lb,  38.4lb,  37.8lb,  34lb,  33.8lb,  33lb.    common  27.14lb

Cat Fish:

110lb,  84lb

Disappointing week after such a good result last week, but thats fishing.

17th to 24th September.  Lake exclusive  5 anglers


57.2lb,  54.8lb,  54.3lb,  52.8lb,  52.4lb,  48.6lb,  48.5lb,  45.2lb,  45.1lb,  45lb,  2 x 44lb,  42.4lb,  41.9lb,  3 x 41.8lb,  41.3lb,  41lb,  40.8lb,  40.7lb,  2 x 39.8lb,  3 x 38.8lb,  38.5lb,  3 x 37.8lb,  2 x 37.5lb,  2 x 36.5lb,  36.4lb,  35.2lb,  34.5lb,  34.2lb,  3 x 33lb,  32lb,  3 x 30.8lb, 30.5lb,  7 under 30lb.   Commons:  40.8lb,  38.6lb,  37.5lb,  37.1lb,  29.8lb,  29.7lb,  28.6lb,  27.8lb,  25.3lb,  24.8lb,  24.2lb,  23.1lb,  20lb,  19.8lb.  Grass carp:  35.3lb,  27.6lb,  26.5lb.

This must be one of the best weeks we have had.  70 fish on the bank, no catfish.  

10th to 17th September .  Lake exclusive  4 anglers


58lb,  48lb,  45lb,  44lb,  2 x 42lb,  2 x 41lb,  40lb,  39lb,  3 x 38lb,  36lb,  34lb,  2 x 33lb  2 x 32lb,  2 x 30lb, 3 under 30lb,   Common:  32lb,  

Cat fish:

105lb,  90lb,  86lb,  71lb,  61lb,  55lb,  46lb

Weather very up and down this week.  rain towards end of week which was really needed.  another pb broken.

3rd to 10th September.  Lake Exclusive  7 anglers.


51.4lb,  44lb,  43lb,  41lb,  39lb,  38.3lb,  38.1lb,  3 x 38lb,  37.8lb,  36lb,  34.10lb,  34lb,  2 x 33lb,  31.7lb,  30.3lb,  30lb.  8 under 30lb.  Common:  32lb,  Grass Carp:  26lb

Cat fish:

111lb,  102lb,  81lb,  80lb,  2 x 68lb,  66lb,  65lb,  61lb,  60lb,  59lb  2 under 50lb.

Not to bad a week considering the temperatures here at the moment, and a couple of pbs broken.

27th August to 3rd September.   lake exclusive  5 anglers


2 x 57lb,  54.8lb,  54lb,  53lb,  2 x 50lb,  48lb,  47.8lb,  46lb,  42.5lb,  3 x 42lb,  41lb,  4 x 40lb,  39.8lb,  39lb,  2 x 38lb,  2x 36lb,  34lb,  32lb,  31lb,  30lb.  4 under 30lb.   Commons:  35.8lb,  35lb,  28lb.  Grass Carp:  31lb

Cat fish:

90lb,  82.4lb,  72lb,  70lb,  64.7lb,  44lb,   2 under 40lb.

Slow start to the week but picked up as the week went on.

13th to 20th August.  2 anglers


58lb,  51lb,  48lb,  47.2lb,  44lb,  43lb,  42.5lb,  2 x 42lb,  41lb,  40lb,  2 x 38lb,  37lb,  36lb,  2 x 35lb,  3 x 34lb,  2 x 33lb,  32lb,  31lb,  30lb,  2 x 27lb.    Commons:  38lb,   25lb.


They had quite a few  catfish but none weighed as they are not into cats just carp which was a shame.

The week started off slow but once they had them feeding it was a good week for just 2 anglers.

30th July to 6th August.    3 anglers


50.13lb,  39lb,  25.6lb.  Grass Carp:  29.4lb,  28.7lb,  26.6lb,  23.4lb,  19.8lb,  19.6lb,  19lb.  Commons:  16.12lb.

Cat Fish:

112.1lb,  87.6lb,  82.5lb,  79.3lb,  75lb,  70.11lb,  69.11lb,  69lb,  67lb,  63.11lb,  62.3lb,  59.5lb,  51.4lb,  50.1lb  4 under 40lb.

Very slow week the only fish wanting to feed were the cats.  

9th to 16th July  2 anglers


50.6lb,  50lb,  43lb,  42lb,  41.8lb,  41lb, 40lb,  39.12lb,  39.8lb,  39.6lb,  2 x 34lb, 32lb,   Grass Carp:  32lb,  29lb,  25lb,  23lb,  Commons:  28lb

Cat Fish:

107lb,  87lb,  80lb,  68lb,  50lb,  38lb,  35lb


2nd to 9th July   Lake exclusive 5 anglers


56.6lb,  2 x 53lb,  52lb,  43lb,  2 x 42lb,  39.8lb,  39lb,  34.8lb,  34lb,  31lb,  29.8lb,  29lb,  26lb,  22lb.   Grass carp:  28.6lb,  22lb

Cat Fish:

72lb,  44lb,  43lb,  40lb,  35lb,  55lb Mandarin

Weather turned really hot this week

25th June to 2nd July  5 anglers


54lb,  50.2lb,  47lb,  43lb,  40.8lb,  40.2lb,  37lb,  35lb,  32lb,  30lb,  2 under 30lb.   Commons:  37lb,  35lb.  Grass carp:  27lb

Cat Fish:

105lb,  82lb,  81lb,  80lb,  75lb,  67lb,  66.10lb,  2 x 66lb,  42lb,  6 under 40lb

Cat Fish were really on the feed, alot of fish lost:


18th to 25th June.  Lake exclusive.  3 anglers


48lb,  47lb,  45.2lb,  44lb,  43.4lb,  43lb,  42.12lb,  41.12lb,  40lb,  38.06lb,  38lb,  37.7lb,  36.10lb,  36lb,  35.8lb,  35lb,  2 x 34lb,  33.12lb,  32lb,  31lb,  30lb.  6 under 30lb.  Commons:  37lb,  35lb,  30lb,  20.06lb,  17lb:  Grass carp: 27.4lb   17.12lb

Cat Fish

82lb,  75lb,  68lb,  67.10lb,  65lb,  57lb,  3 under 40lb.   Mandarin catfish   49.08lb

Again a good week.


11th to 18th June   Lake exclusive 5 anglers


60.14lb,  53.11lb, 52.12lb,  52.8lb,  51.12lb,  48.15lb, 47.14lb,  47.06lb,  41.07lb,  40.13lb,  2 x 40.08lb,  39.14lb, 39.13lb, 39.12lb, 38.04lb, 35.13lb,  35.02lb,  35.02lb,  2 x 35lb, 34.09lb, 2 x 34.05lb,  34.03lb,  34.02lb, 32.13lb,  32.10lb,  32.04lb,  32.01lb,  2 x 31.14lb  8 under 30lb.   Commons: 37.00lb, 36.11lb,  35.15lb,  34.8lb,  29.07lb.  27lb 

Cat Fish:

96lb, 74lb,  66.04lb,  2 under 30lb

Good week with another new 60lb.  Terrible weather for this time of year with the lake being at its highest point but the fish dont mind.


No catch report under for 2 weeks as we are going on holiday so the lake is closed:  

21st to 28th May  6 anglers


63lb,  62lb,  51lb,  50lb,  49.8lb,  48.8lb,  48lb,  47.8lb,  45lb,  43lb,  3 x 42lb,  39.8lb,  39.4lb,  2 x 38.8lb, 2 x 38lb,   2 x 37.8lb,  37lb,  36lb,  3 x 34lb,  3 x 32lb,  2 x 31.8lb, 31.4lb, 30lb,  8 under 30lb.    Commons:  2 x 35lb,  34.4lb,  27lb,  25lb,  2 x 23lb,  20lb,  16lb.   Grass Carp:  26lb,  25.8lb,  25.4lb,  22lb,  21.10lb,  16.4lb.

Cat Fish

82lb,  80lb,  75lb,  35lb,  22lb

Good week again; 2 60lb+ in one week, and 2 very happy anglers who caught them.



14th to 21st May,  5 anglers


59.3lb,  53.8lb,  48.12lb,  41.1lb,  39.6lb,  37.1lb,  34.5lb,  27.11lb,   Commons:  33.3lb,  32.4lb,  31lb,  22.1lb,   Grass Carp:  38.8lb,  25.1lb

Cat Fish:

74lb,  68.3lb,  60lb

Not the best week after last week, but some nice fish.  Each week it is fishing differently, maybe when the weather settles it will make a difference:


6th to 14th May,   6 anglers  2 had to leave  on Wednesday,


52.1lb,4lb,  51.9lb,  49.12lb,  49.9lb,  46.6lb,  45.6lb,  44.12lb,  44.02lb,  43.11lb,  43lb,  42.10lb,  42.8lb,  42.4lb,  41.9lb, 41lb,  40.14lb,  40.2lb,  39.12lb, 39.12lb,  39.8lb, 37.7lb,   36.11lb,  35.11lb,  35.8lb,  34.4lb,  3 x 34lb,  2 x 33lb,  2 x 32.8lb, 2 x 32lb,  31.14lb,  31.8lb,  31.4lb,  31lb,  30.1lb,  30lb.   10 under 30lb.    Common:  38.14lb, 37.12lb,  36.4lb,  30lb,  27.7lb,  22.4lb,  22lb,  2 x 20lb,  18lb.    Grass Carp:  30lb,  20.14lb.

Cat Fish:

116lb,  86.8lb,  86lb,  81lb,  80lb,  61lb,  35.3lb.

What a week, especially after last week.  2 x 50lb+ and 15 x 40lb+  Hope it continues this week:

30th April to 6th May.  Lake exclusive.  4 anglers.


47.4lb,  44.6lb,  40.8lb,  39.6lb,  37.4lb,  36.3lb,  35.3lb,  34.2lb,  29.6lb.   Commons:  31.9lb,  20.8lb,  

Cat Fish;

Very big cat fish not weighed.  39.2lb,  33.6lb.

After such a good start to the season, this week was really  poor , hope it improves next week.


23rd to 30th April  Lake exclusive.  4 anglers.



65.8lb,  53lb,  51.8lb,  51lb,  47.14lb,  47lb,  45.8lb,  43.8lb,  42.10lb,  42.8lb,  42.4lb,  42.1lb,  41lb.  2 x 39.12lb,  39lb,  38.12lb,  37.12lb,  2 x 36.12lb,  35.8lb,  35lb,  9 under 35lb.   Commons:  36lb,  35lb,   34.8lb,  32.8lb,  25.12lb, 25.6lb, 22lb,  19lb.   Grass Carp:  27.4lb,  21.3lb

Cat Fish

112lb,  82lb,  77lb. 62lb   Mandarin catfish at 51.12lb.

What a week with a new lake record and if that was not enough for Steve Paola he goes and has a 112lb catfish.  Great angling.

16th to 23rd April  6 anglers


51.2lb,  51lb,  50lb,  49.5lb,  49lb,  48lb,  47lb,  2 x 46lb,  43lb,  2  x 42lb,  41.5lb,  39.5lb,  3 x 39lb,  2 x 38lb,  37.9lb,  37.4lb,  37lb,  2 x 36lb,  35.8lb,  35.5lb,  35lb,  34.8lb,  34lb,  31lb,  30.4lb,  8 under 30lb.   Commons: 36lb,   32.4lb,  32lb,  26lb.   Grass Carp:  27lb,  24lb.

Cat Fish:

63lb,  46.8lb

Again a slow start to  the week, but picked up towards the end.

9th to 16th April.  Lake exclusive.


Another new 60lb for this season.  50.3lb. 4 x 48lb,  2 x 47lb,  44lb,  43lb,  2 x 42lb,  41lb,  40.8lb,  40.3lb,  40lb,  2 x 39lb,  2 x 38lb,  3 x 37lb,  2 x 36lb,  3 x 35lb,  34.8lb,  4 x 34lb,  5 x 33lb,  32lb,  2 x 30lb,  10 under 30lb.   Commons:  29lb, 28.8lb,  27lb.

Cat Fish:

125lb,  100lb plus.  Could'nt  wake anybody to help him weigh it.

It started really slow this week, but once they had them feeding there was no stopping.  Another new 60lb, and 7 new pb's.   Weather still really changeable, loads of rain.

2nd to 9th April,  1 angler


50lb,  47lb,  2 x 45lb,  43lb,  42lb,  2 x37lb,  36lb,  2x35lb,  32lb,  5 under 30lb.  Commons:  36lb,  2 x 34lb.

Cat Fish:

One well over 80lb but to big for him to weigh by himself,  64lb,  60lb.

Not bad weeks fishing for 1 angler, again weather very changeable. 

26th March to 2nd April,  2 anglers lake exclusive


56.8lb, 51lb, 47.12lb,  47.8lb,  46.4lb,  44.8lb,  43lb, 40lb,  38lb,  36.8lb,  34lb, 33lb. 1 under 30lb.   Commons:  38lb, 31lb,

Cat Fish:

93.8lb,  80lb.

Both anglers broke there pb's with the 50's.  Weather very changeable all week, 2 storms, strong winds, rain, and very cold at night, but still not a bad result for the first week.  Pictures to follow.











26th Septe;ber to 3rd October,  4 anglers


60.4lb, 54lb,  51lb,  50lb,  49lb,  48lb,  44.2lb,  44lb,  42.8lb,  42.4lb,   42lb,  40.8lb,  40.5lb,  40lb,  38lb,  37.8lb,  37lb,  36lb,  2 x 35lb,  32lb,  6 under 30lb.   Commons:  37lb,  36lb,  34lb,  30lb,  27.5lb,  18lb.

Cat Fish:


Good end to the season with another 60lb out.  Sure we will see more next season.

19th to 26th September. Lake exclusive 4 anglers.


44lb,  41.3lb, 41.2lb, 40.7lb,  39.6lb,  38lb,  37.4lb,  37lb,  36.3lb,  35.2lb,  34lb,  2x31.9lb,  30.8lb,  27.5lb,  25.4lb,  25.3lb,  22lb.  Commons:  35.2lb,  33lb,  31.9lb,  23.1lb

Bit of a slow week.


12th to 19th September.  Lake exclusive


59lb,  52.8lb,  50lb,  46lb,  40.8lb, 40.4lb,  38.8lb,  36lb,34.8lb, 34lb,33lb,  2 x32lb,  31.8lb, 31lb, 28.8lb,  27lb,  21lb.Commons:  29.12lb, 28.8lb.

Cat Fish:

98lb,  83.8lb,  80.8lb,  80lb,  78lb,  75lb,  72lb,  68.4lb,  66lb,  2x64lb.   6 under 60lb.

More PB's broken this week with the 50lb+ carp.  2 anglers were targeting the catfish but unfortunately did not get any of the monsters.

5th to 12th September  3anglers.


58lb, 56lb, 50lb,  45lb,  44.6lb,  44lb,  38lb,  34lb.   Common 33lb.

Cat Fish:


Still waiting for catch report from other 3 anglers, who did not fill in the catch report sheet.  They had a 51lb while we were there and know they had loads of 40+.  Will update if I receive there catches.

22nd to 29th August.  2 anglers.


64.03lb  NEW LAKE RECORD.  53lb,  44.15lb,   44.1lb,  41.40lb,  39lb.  

Cat Fish


Not a lot of fish caught, but new lake record what a week.

15th to 22nd August.  3 anglers


53.2lb,  49.2lb.  48.4lb,  46.7lb,  45.4lb. 45.3lb.  40.7lb.  40.5lb.  39.3lb,  35.2lb.  34.3lb.  32.4lb.  31.5lb.  31.2lb.  30.8lb,  30.1lb.   Common:  32.3lb,  30.8lb.  Grass Carp:  27.3lb,  24.2lb.

Cat Fish

93.8lb,  71.7lb,  60.7lb

Good weeks fishing.  Still waiting for 1 anglers catch report.



1st to 8th August  3 anglers Lake exclusive.


44.1lb,  44lb,  40.8lb,  39.7lb,  33.1lb,  30.14lb,  29.7lb,  24lb,  

Cat Fish

88.3lb,  77.8lb,  75lb

No rain again this week and some very hot days.  The fish not wanting to get there heads down still.


18th to 25th July  3 anglers


46lb,  43lb,  41.6lb,  41lb,  32.8lb,  32lb,  29.2lb,  29lb  23lb  Grass carp:  26lb,  25lb

Cat Fish

99lb,  95lb,  75lb,  71lb,  68lb

Still no rain, couple days little cooler.


11th to 18th July.  3 anglers


55.1lb,  40lb,  36.5lb,  35lb,  31lb,  24.8lb,  24.5lb,  24lb,  22lb,  Common:  30lb,  Grass Carp:  32lb

Cat Fish

100lb+,  80lb+,  Sizes guessed due to scales bottomed out. 76lb, 2 small cats:

Again weather really hot, still no rain, done well in these conditions. had a new pb with the 55.1lb


4th to 11th July.  3 anglers lake exclusive


45lb, 31lb,  29lb,  28.8lb,  28lb   Grass carp:  29lb,  21lb

Cat fish:

112lb,  95lb,  74lb,  37lb,

Fish still not feeding well, again very hot all week.  Still no rain forecast.  Couple pbs broken.

27th June to 4th July.  3 anglers


 38lb,  36lb,  2 x 30lb,  26lb,  25lb,  Common 28lb,  Grass carp  26lb

 Cat fish:

105lb,  101lb,  97lb,  80lb,  45.5lb mandarine

The temperatures hitting 40 degrees most days and not alot cooler in the evenings.  Same sort of  forecast for next week aswell.  Could do with some rain.

20th June to 27th June.  Lake exclusive 3 anglers


46lb,  44lb,  43lb,  39lb,  37lb,  34lb,  33lb,  30lb,  28lb,  26lb,  25lb,    Common.  24lb

Cat fish: 

68lb,  64lb,  27lb  


13th to 20th June.  5 anglers lake exclusive.


57.2lb,  56.8lb,  2 x 52lb, different fish.  48.8lb,  46.10lb, 46.9lb, 46.8lb.   42lb,  41lb, 2 x 39lb,  38.8lb,  38lb,  37.2lb,  34.6lb,  33.4lb,  2 x 33lb,  32.9lb,  32.6lb,  31.10lb,  30.2lb,  30lb,  28.4lb,  28.2lb,  27.2lb,  26.8lb,  25lb,  4 under 25lb.     Commons:  26lb,  24.8lb,  19.10lb,  18.10lb,  14lb.  Grass Carp:  32lb,  27lb.

Cat fish:

144lb,  110lb,  85lb,  78lb,  76lb, 75lb,  73lb,  70lb, 66lb,  2 x 64lb,  2 x 60lb.  4 x 40lb,  7 under 40lb.

Things have definently picked up this week, spawning over and fish back on the feed. 


6th to 13th June  4 anglers.


Carp spawning, no mirror carp caught.    Common  32.5lb,  Grass Carp:  35lb,  26lb,  22.10lb,  20.10lb.

Cat fish

99lb,  94lb,  88lb,  79lb,  78lb,  77lb,  63.8lb,  4 under 40lb.

Spawning was taking place, very late to other years, fishing very slow, and 1 angler was just fishing for cat fish. 


30th May to 6th June.  4 anglers lake exclusive. 


57.8lb,  49lb,  421lb,.  40lb,  39lb,  37lb,  35lb,  34lb,  27lb,  3 x 25lb,  3 under 25lb.  Commons:  34lb, 25lb,  Grass Carp:  30lb,  25lb,  20lb.

Cat Fish:

112lb,  64.8lb,  62.4lb, 30lb. 

Not a brilliant week unfortunately,  fish not spawned yet but towards the end of the week they were splashing in the reeds.



23rd May to 30th May.  Lake exclusive  5 anglers


48.14lb,,  44.2lb,  43.14lb,  43lb,  38lb,  36.10lb,  35lb,  34.7lb,  34lb,  33.4lb,  32lb,  30.14lb,  30.7lb,  30.4lb,  28.2lb,  22.14lb.    Commons:  30.14lb,  29.9lb,  14lb.  Grass Carp:  32lb,  24lb.

Cat fish:

95.8lb,  78lb,  75.5lb,  667.5lb,  64.8lb,  64lb.,  62.8lb,  24lb.

Picked up towards the end of the week.  They lost 21 fish so would have been a good week if they could have banked them all.


16th to 23rd May  Lake exclusive  7 anglers


53lb,  52.05lb,  48.12lb,  48.7lb,  48.1lb,  46lb,  45lb,  42.12lb,  42lb,  38.10lb,  38lb,  36.12lb,  34.4lb,  2 x 33lb,  31lb.  27.12lb,  23.14lb,    Common:  36lb,  Grass Carp:  34.15lb,  23.4lb.

Cat fish

82lb,  73.1lb,  2 x 72lb,  68lb,  2 under 20lb.

Again the weather has been very unsettled. 


9th May to 16th May  Lake exclusive 6 anglers


58.10lb,  57.12lb,  55.12lb,  51lb,  44.12lb,  42.6lb,  42lb,  41.8lb,  2 x 41lb,  40.9lb,  40.8lb,  38.2lb,  37.11lb,  37.10lb,  36.8lb,  35lb,  33.8lb,  33.6lb,  33.5lb,  31.8lb,  31.2lb,  30.10lb,  30lb,  2 x 27lb,  26.8lb,  25.6lb,  2 under 25lb.   Commons:  35.8lb,  33.7lb,  30.8lb.    Grass Carp:  26.4lb,  25.12lb,  22lb,  19lb,

Cat fish:

82lb,  72lb,  65lb,  2 x 64lb,  58lb,  57.8lb, 56.10lb,   52lb,  4 under 40lb,.   43.2lb mandarin.

Weather little more settled.  2 anglers fishing more for the cat fish.  Some nice size fish caught.


2nd May to 9th May    4 Dutch anglers.


56.7lb,  51.8lb,  49.8lb,  49.6lb,  47.9lb,  2 x 45lb,  44.6lb,  42.9lb,  41.8lb,  40.8lb,  40.7lb,  39.6lb,  38.5lb,  37.4lb,  2 x 36.3lb,  2 x 35.2lb,  34.1lb,  33.5lb,  33lb,  30.8lb,  3 x 29.8lb,  29.1lb,  27.6lb,  27lb,  25.3lb.  4 under 25lb,.     Commons:  35.2lb,  26.6lb,  24.2lb,  23.6lb,  23.1lb.   Grass Carp:  16.5lb.

No catfish this week.


Each angler broke their pb's this week so were very pleased.  Weather still very up and down.  Couple mornings a severe frost from the drop in temperature.



25th April to 2nd May   4 anglers   


61.4lb,  52.6lb,  49.8lb,  48.10lb, 48.8lb,  44.8lb, 42.6lb,  40lb,  37.5lb, 36.10lb,  36.8lb,  34lb, 32.10lb, 31lb.   30.14lb,  28.14lb,  26.5lb,   25.13lb,   2 under 25lb.    Commons: 30lb, 20.5lb, 19.8lb. 16.12lb    Grass Carp:  22.6lb,  18.7lb,

Cat fish:

106lb,  75lb,  20.5lb.


Rain nearly all week again, but over the moon with the 61.4lb carp.  We really did have one very happy angler and 2 extremely excited owners. 


18th to 25th April.  2 anglers


54.7lb,  48.1lb,  43.8lb,  41.7lb,  39.2lb,  38.6lb,  38.4lb,  36.4lb,  321.2lb,  31.1lb,  30.11lb,  28.7lb.   Common: 29.2lb,  Grass Carp: 33.2lb,  32.12lb.

Cat fish:  

76.4lb,  65.1lb,  56.10lb,  24.6lb,  23.1lb,  22.10lb.


Still the big carp not really showing.  Very hot during the day, turning chilly at night.


11th to 18th April.  5 anglers 


57.8lb,  48lb,  46.8lb, 45lb, 43lb,  42.8lb,  41lb, 39.8lb, 39lb, 38lb, 37.12lb, 37.8lb, 36lb, 35lb, 33.8lb, 32lb, 31.8lb, 30.8lb, 2 x 30lb,  27lb, 25.8lb, 2 x 22lb, 2 x 21lb, 15lb.   Common 22lb,  Grass carp:  20lb, 18lb.

Cat fish:

130lb, 91lb, 80lb, 70lb, 60lb, 51lb, 2 x 30lb.


Big fish not wanting to show this week, but still some nice lumps out. 


4th to 11th April.       4 anglers.


51.3lb,  46.4lb, 41.3lb, 34.3lb,,  34lb,   Common 24.1lb,

Cat fish:

126lb,  98.6lb,  73.2lb.


Not the best of opening weeks, very hard fishing.  The weather was ok in the day, but dropping really low at night, also had a really cold wind blowing, and the fishermen said that the water in their buckets to wet the fish with was frozen solid every morning with a thick frost around.  Still 3 pb's broken.













2013 Catch Reports

Catch Report 5th to 12th October

4 anglers to end this season at the lake.

CARP: 46.5lb, 46.1lb, 46lb, 45lb, 44.15lb, 44.8lb, 42lb, 41.4lb, 40.6lb. 39.4lb, 38lb, 2 x 37lb, 36.25lb, 2. x 36lb, 35.11lb, 2 x 35lb, 2 x 34lb, 33.11lb, 33.3lb, 2 x 33lb, 32.7lb, 2 x 32lb, 31.12lb, 31.7lb, 31.6lb, 3 x 31lb, 5 x 30lb, 29.12lb, 6 x 29lb, 28.8lb, 2 x 28lb, 27.14lb, 2 x 27lb, 4 x 26lb, 25.3lb, 25lb, and 9 under 25lb. Commons: 30lb, 29.11lb, 29lb, 28lb, 25lb, 2 x 23lb, 22lb, 19lb, 18lb. Grass Carp: 25lb, 21lb, 20lb. CATFISH: 87lb, 72lb, 70lb, 69lb, 62lb, 61lb, 58lb, 55lb, 40lb.


Catch Report 28th September to 5th October.

1 dutch angler. On Wednesday we had 5 other anglers come onto the lake.

CARP: 54.2lb, 46.3lb, 45.1lb, 40.8lb, 39.7lb, 39.6lb, 38lb, 2 x 35lb, 34.4lb, 33.2lb, 31.8lb, 2 x 30.8lb, 28.5lb, 27lb, 26.4lb, 5 under 25lb. 25lb common CATFISH: 82lb, 67lb, 62lb, 61.8lb, 57.4lb, 37lb.


Catch Report 21st to 28th September

5 Dutch anglers Lake Exclusive. Great weather but fish went off the feed a bit.

CARP: 44.5lb, 39.8lb, 39.6lb, 38.5lb, 37.4lb, 35.4lb, 3 x35.2lb, 2 x 34.1lb, 33 x 2lb, 33lb, 3 x 31.9lb 2 x 30.8lb. 28.6lb, 2 x 27.5lb, 2 x 26.4lb, 26.2lb, 25.3lb, 25.2lb, 7 between 20lb and 25lb, 4 under 20lb. Commons 27.5lb, and 26.4lb. Grass Carp,. 22lb, and 19.,8lb. CATFISH. Just 1 at 64lb.

Catch Report 14th to 21st September

3 Anglers Lake Exclusive. 4 personal best again this week.

CARP: 51lb, 44.4lb, 42lb, 41lb. 40.8lb, 40lb, 39.6lb, 37.9lb, 37lb, 36.5lb, 36.2lb, 35.8lb, 33.8lb, 32.8lb, 2 x32lb, 31.6lb, 31lb, 30.14lb, 30lb. 5 between 25lb and 30lb, 5 under 25lb, Common. 21lb, 19.8lb, 12lb. Grass carp. 21.8lb and 12lb. CATFISH: 70lb, 67lb, 65lb, 55lb, 52lb, 46.8lb.

Catch Report 7th to 14th September

3 Dutch anglers. Left on Wednesday due to a family illness

CARP: 57lb, 45lb,39.6lb, 30.6lb, 25.4lb, 23lb. Common of 23lb CATFISH: 70.4lb, 53lb. 2 Anglers. What a week they had. CARP: 50lb, 44.3lb, 44lb, 43.7lb, 42.9lb, 42.5lb, 40.8lb. 38.8lb, 37.7lb, 37.4lb, 37lb, 35.12lb, 35.9lb, 34.10lb, 34.9lb, 34.8lb, 34.3lb, 34.2lb, 33.8lb, 33.10lb, 33.11lb, 33.14lb, 33lb, 32.12lb, 32.11lb, 32.9lb, 32.8lb, 32.5lb, 32.4lb, 32.2lb, 31.10lb, 31.8lb, 31.5lb, 30.10lb, 30.7lb, 30.5lb, 30.4lb,29.8lb, 29.4lb, 28.10lb, 28.8lb, 28.6lb, 28.5lb, 28.2lb, 27.9lb, 27.4lb, 26.10lb, 26.7lb, 25.9lb, 25.7lb, 25.6lb, 25.3lb. 10 under 25lb. Commons: 29lb, 27.7lb, 27.5lb, 25.9lb, 25.6lb, 24.5lb, 23.7lb. and 25lb grass carp. CATFISH: 79lb, 64lb, 59lb, 57lb, 51lb, 50lb, 48lb, 47lb, 45lb, 2 under 40lb.

Catch Report 31st August to 7th September

2 Anglers. Good weeks fishing for these anglers.

CARP: 50.6lb, 46.7lb, 46lb, 2 x 39lb, 37.2lb, 36.4lb, 36lb, 35.1lb,, 34.2lb, 2 x 34lb, 33.5lb, 33.3lb, 31.4lb, 31.1lb, 31lb, 30.4lb, 30.3lb. 7 between 25lb and 30lb, and 7 under 25lb. CATFISH: 66lb, 61.3lb, 58lb, 57lb, 2 x 54lb, 45.3lb.


Catch Report 17th to 24th August

3 dutch anglers exclusive use. Started off slowly but picked up at nearer the end of the week.

CARP: 47.8lb, 45.2lb, 41lb, 40.4lb, 38.6lb, 2 x 37lb, 36.7lb, 2 x 34lb, 31.6lb. 10 between 20 and 30lb,. 36.1 and 29.2 commons and a 25lb grass carp. CATS: 89lb, 63lb, 57lb, 42lb.


Catch Report 3rd to 10th August.

Two groups on the lake this week. 3 anglers and 2 anglers. Really good weeks fishing the cats not feeding so much so more carp came out.

CARP 3 anglers. 41.5lb, 40.8lb, 40.4lb, 36.8lb, 34lb, 33.4lb, 30.12lb, 28lb, 27.8lb, 27.4lb, 25.8lb. 29lb common, 22lb, 19.8lb, 19lb, 15lb grass carps. CATFISH. 77lb, 60lb, 54.4lb, 46lb, 41lb, 36.8lb, 34lb, 30lb,. CARP 2 anglers. 48.10lb, 44.10lb, 43.9lb, 43.6lb. 43.2lb, 41.8lb, 38lb, 37.10lb. 37.6lb, 36.2lb, 36lb, 33.11lb, 32.8lb, 29lb, 28lb, 27.13lb, 26.6lb, 25.8lb, 25.3lb, 25lb, 24.12lb, 24.6lb, 24lb, 21lb, 20lb, 14.12lb. 27.2lb and 15lb commons. CATFISH. 108lb, 80lb, 63lb, 58lb, 56.8lb, 35lb, 21lb.


Catch Report 27th July to 3rd August.

2 Dutch Anglers. Again the catfish were really feeding well, but towards the end of the week the carp started back on the feed.

CARP 50.4lb, 40.9lb, 37lb, 36.13lb, 33.11lb, 31.11lb, 31.8lb, 31.3lb, 29.5lb, 28.2lb, 26.14lb, 24.9lb, 24.2lb, 21.13lb, 16.5lb. Grass Carp. 27.1lb, 21.6lb, 19.9lb. CATFISH 89.1b, 65.14lb, 65.11lb, 62.4lb, 59.8lb, 59.1lb, 55lb, 52lb, 51.4lb, 51.2lb. 46.6lb, 46.5lb, 46.4lb, 44lb, 40.5lb, 39.10lb, 38.5lb, 37.7lb, 33.1lb, 24.4lb. 17.3lb, and 38lb mandarin .


Catch Report 20th to 27th July.

3 Dutch Anglers. They had never caught catfish before and started off with a small 8.8lb and then they got bigger and bigger.

CARP: 42.2lb 42lb, 31.9lb, 29.7lb, 2 grass carp 25.3lb and 17.6lb. CATFISH 104lb, 68lb, 66lb, 64.9lb, 63.8lb, 55.6lb, 55lb, 53.9lb, 52.8lb, 48.4lb, 48.3lb, 47.3lb, 45.10lb, 45.01lb, 44lb, 41.8lb, 39.7lb, 39.6lb, 33lb. 39.6lb mandarin catfish. The catfish were domineering the lake, keeping the carp away, but the fishermen went away very happy.

Catch Report 13th to 20th July.

5 Anglers.

CARP 42lb, 41.4lb, 41lb, 40lb, 2 x 38lb, 2 x 37lb, 35lb, 34lb, 33lb, 32lb, 30.8lb, 30lb, 29.7lb, 2 x 29lb, 2 x 27lb, 20lb. Commons. 30.8lb, 29lb, 24.7lb, 24lb. Grass Carp. 23lb, 18lb, 14lb.

CATFISH 104lb, 70lb, 66lb, 5 x 64lb, 63lb, 3 x 60lb, 55lb, 53lb, 3 x 52lb, 51lb, 2 x 50lb, 2 x 48lb, 47lb, 43lb, 2 x 42lb, 41lb, 40lb,. and 4 under 40lb. 38lb Manadrin catfish.

Matt Page was just fishing for catfish, He did'nt get much sleep as he got them feeding and the catches did not stop, but the other anglers also had a good time with the cats and carp. Considering the temperature was hitting 37/38 degrees all week they done really well, although they know the lake as this was there 4th trip to us.

Catch Report 29th June to 6th July.

6 Anglers.

CARP 43lb, 42lb, 40.11lb. 40lb, 37lb, 34.10lb, 3 x 34lb, 2 x 33lb, 32lb, 2 x 28lb, 24.11lb

CATFISH 64lb, 58.9lb, 43lb, 28lb, 26lb, 25lb. 35lb mandarin.


Catch Report 22nd to 29th June.

1 Angler. Damien Baker. What a week he had. A very happy fishermen.

CARP 54.12lb, 54lb, 49lb, 42.2lb, 38.6lb, 38.2lb, 38lb, 37.12lb. 36.4lb. 35.4lb. 35.2lb. 34.8lb. 34lb, 32.5lb, 31.10lb, 31lb. 28.10lb. 28.9lb, 27.10lb. all mirrors and a 29.4lb common.

CATS 50.4lb, 40.4lb, 20.2lb, and the smaller mandarin at 38.7lb.

My husband also did a nights fishing with a friend and he had a 45lb and 28lb carp.

Catch Report 8th to 15th June.

3 Anglers from Holland. A bad weeks fishing due to them not putting enough bait in. They had not fished a big lake before and never with catfish in it. We did try advising them they were not putting enough bait in but unfortunately they had not budgeted for the amount of bait they needed to use. 1 angler was just fishing for catfish with deadbait.

Carp 28lb, 20lb, 21.5lb.

CATFISH. 90lb, 65lb, 60lb, 52lb, 51lb, 46lb


Catch Report 1st June to 8th June.

5 Anglers. Weather mostly nice all week, big change from last week.

CARP 53.5lb, 46lb, 42.9lb, 42.8lb, 41.7lb, 41lb, 39.8lb, 38lb, 37.5lb, 36.2lb, 36lb, 34lb, 32.8lb, 4 x 32lb, 2 x 31lb, 30.8lb, 30lb. 29.4lb, 29lb, 2 x 26lb, 25.5lb, 25.4lb, 7 under 25lb. 28.12lb, and 28.4lb commons and 22lb grass carp.

CATS 2 x 60lb, 57lb, 56lb, 52lb, 50.8lb, 2 x 49lb, 45lb. 41lb

Catch Report 25th May to lst June

5 Dutch Anglers. Rained all week, cold winds, not many fish caught.

CARP 37.7lb, 37.5lb, 36.4lb, 35.2lb, 31.9lb, 29.8lb, 29.7lb, 24.2lb

No Catfish caught.

Catch Report 18th to 25th May

4 anglers. Terrific weeks fishing had by all of them.

CARP 53.4lb, 53lb, 42lb, 41lb, 40lb, 39.14lb, 39lb, 37.12lb, 34.8lb, 34lb, 33.4lb, 33lb, 4x32lb, 31.8lb, 30.2lb. 29.7lb, 29lb, 28lb, 27lb, 26.7lb, 2 x 26lb, 25.8lb, 4 between 20 and 25lb. 3 under 20lb,. 18.12lb and 20.4lb grass carp. 28.4lb, 24lb, 23lb, 19lb, and 18lb commons.

CATFISH 109lb, biggest so far this season, 106lb, 64lb, 63.8lb, 63lb, 47.12lb, 42.4lb, 41.8lb, 41lb


Catch Report 11th to 18th May

6 anglers many pb,s broken again this week.

CARP 45.4lb, 45.8lb, 45.12lb, 43.9lb. 39.6lb,, 39.2lb, 38.5lb, 36lb, 35.8lb, 35.7lb, 35.6lb, 35.2lb, 35lb, 34lb, 2 x33lb, 4 x 32lb. 2 between 25lb and 30lb. 5 under 25lb. 31lb and 25lb commons. 25lb, 22.5lb and a 20lb grass carp.

CATFISH 98.3lb, 87lb, 85lb, 68.5lb, 2 x 58lb. 55lb, 52lb, 47lb, 40lb and a 36lb.


Catch Report 4th to 11th May

6 anglers and each one broke their pb's either with carp or cats.

CARP 45.2lb, 42lb, 40.10lb, 40.08lb, 40.01lb. 39lb, 37.10lb, 37.4lb, 2 x 35.8lb, 34.10lb, 2 x 34lb, 2 x 33lb, 2 x 32lb, 2x 31.10lb, 2 x 31lb, 30.8lb. 15 carp between 25 and 30lb, 7 under 25lb. 27lb, 23lb, and 21lb commons.

CATFISH 89.2lb, 60lb, 58lb.


Catch Report 20th to 27th April.

Dutch anglers who come to the lake every April and September. More pb's broken with the 42lb carp, 93lb catfish and the 66lb.

CARP 47.6lb, 42lb, 39.2lb, 38.5lb, 37.4lb, 37lb, 35.2lb, 35lb, 34.3lb, 4 x 33lb, 32.5lb, 32lb, 2 x 30.8lb, 30lb. 5 between 25lb and 30lb. 4 under 25lb. 2 commons a 42lb, and a 39.8lb and 2 grass carp a 22lb and 17lb.

CATFISH 93lb, 66lb, 63lb, 38.5lb and a 33lb.


Catch Report 13th to 20th April.

Really good weeks fishing this week with 5 pb's broken on carp and catfish.


46lb, 43lb, 2 x 42lb,  40.8lb,  38.7lb,  37lb,  2 x 36lb,  35lb,  2 x 34lb,  5 x 33lb, 2 x 32lb,  7 x 31lb, 30.8lb and  5 commons from 27lb to 24lb.  Grass carp 19lb.


92.12lb,  92.8lb,  84lb,  70.4lb,  69.5lb,  62lb,  61.12lb,  61lb,  57lb,   55lb, and 54lb. 8 under 50lb.


Catch Report 7th to 13th April.

34lb,  35lb,  24lb,  35lb,  35lb,  33lb,  28lb,  36lb,  28lb,  32lb,  31lb, 34lb, and just to finish off the week a 48lb carp. 

First catfish out this season at 95lb.


Catch Report 24th to 31st March.

48lb 8oz,  54lb 8oz,  23lb.15oz,  24lb.12oz,  26lb 06oz, 29lb 12oz,  32lb 14oz,  40lb 4oz.

35lb 12oz,  23lb 8oz,  23lb 12oz.

I think you will agree that this is not a bad start to the season.